Bigscreen introduces a breaktrough new VR headset called Bigscreen Beyond.

Equiped with OLED microdisplays and pancake optics brings immersion to a new level.
Weighing at 127 grams this wired-only PC based headset offers 5120 x 2560 resolution and up to
90hz refresh rate to provide better visuality presentation for its user. Besides this, it supports
SteamVR Base Stations, Valve Index Controllers and HTC Vive Trackers.

Beyond will definitely change traditional PC VR Headsets, moving away from bulky and large VR headsets.

Detailed Specs :

Display : 5120 x 2560 OLED
Lense Type : Pancake Optics
Field Of View : 90° × 93°
Refresh Rate : 75hz and 90hz
PPD : 28 pixels per degree
IPD Range : 58 – 72mm
Communication : Stereo Microphones
Cable : Wired
Supported Platform : SteamVR

Pre-order is available now on the official site!
It is expected to ship in Q3 2023.