New meta quest has been announced! And we are really looking forward to getting and testing the quest 3. 

From the meta connect event held on September 27 and 28, we attended in VR Horizon Worlds meta’s Metaverse, hoping to view it in its virtual glory and receive the first live glimpse of technology along with the enthusiastic VR audience.

We found the event highlights to be alright since most of the Quest 3 design and specs had been heavily leaked earlier. However, we did manage to witness how Meta tech would be deployed across their Meta infrastructure..

Some Notable Highlights of Meta Connect 2023 :

Meta Quest 3
– New pancake lenses with 2,064 x 2,208 improved individual LCDs
– Higher end processor Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 (30% increased performance from quest 2)
– New improved Touch Plus Controllers with Haptics
– Depth Sensor for improved AR/MR Color Pass-through
– Available in 128GB ($499) and 256GB ($649.99)

Xbox Cloud Gaming
– Microsoft Cloud Streaming Gaming Service for Quest users
– Available in December 2023

Meta AI
– Meta’s new chat bot
– Uses LlaMA 2 model to generate text-based responses in conversation with users
– Provide real time information partnering with Microsoft
– Meta AI will be available in Quest 3, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram

Ray-Ban x Meta Smart Glasses
– Partnership with Ray-Ban
– Onboard Voice Assistant
– Built-in audio and mics with Spatial Audio
– 12MP 1080p/60fps video cameras
– will / may support Meta AI in future updates
– Priced at $299 for base model, $329 for polarized and $379 for transitions
– Available from 17 October 2023

Our Thoughts on watching a Virtual Live Event in Meta

Watching a Live event in VR Horizon Worlds is a missed opportunity for Meta and could have been further improved to cater for a dramatic yearly event like this as there should have been some Meta Ushers / Staff to assist VR users around, instead we were left alone to explore, and get lost and figuring out what to do which left some us disappointed when the event was over.

Second day in VR was a huge let down though as they either forgot to live stream the event on Horizon Worlds as many VR enthusiast entered only to find a replay of the first’s days meta connect event. At least we got to meet a few VR enthusiast and content creators discussing what could have made the event room much better.