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Inspiring Freedom of Information Media

VERSUMTY with inspirations and aspirations of being an Independent Media Platform we shape and mold individuals with our day-to-day distinctive tech articles, news, reviews and media to inform and provide a vast amount of education and updates in the form of digital media coverage.

Global Media Education Coverage is why we do it! We want to be able to provide our readers with content and providing educational improvements which develop and enhance new competencies to our ever growing community of today’s technology savy.

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Who are our main contributors?

Students, fresh graduates, lecturers, IT professionals, writers, bloggers, analysts and people who love technology. We invite and welcome you if you have a keen interest and would like to enhance your portfolio, increase fluency and reach global exposure.

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By becoming a member of our international community of contributors, you become a part of a technology resource that aims to educate people worldwide and assist others in creating a lasting community that overcomes barriers between exclusivity, variety, and freedom.

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versumty team members

Jonathan James
Co-Founder / CEO

Eero Eppu
Co-Founder / Director

Michael Fang
Director of Operations

Veronica Cheng
Marketing Manager

Christopher Roland
Creative Director

Abdul Dulz
Asia Pacific, 3D Animator Specialist & Contributor

Cassandra Leanne
World (USA), Contributor

World (Canada), Contributor

Alvin Koh
Asia Pacific, Contributor

Callie Khoo
World (Finland), Contributor

Gijsbert Lamers
World (Netherlands), Contributor

Joseph Bennedict
World (UK), Contributor


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