Having this game constantly showing up on my Steam and its Very Positive rating really got me wondering - is a simple platformer in VR really that good?

After all the shooting and dodging bullets in the typical VR games that I play, jumping into Moss is really felt like jumping into your Lazyboy chair and having a game of Sudoku. And I don't mean that in a bad way.

Moss is an action-adventure puzzle game in VR, with compelling characters, gripping combat and captivating world exploration. You control a young mouse named Quill on her quest to save her uncle. Together, you and Quill travel accross several realms with puzzles and battling menacing enemies.

I'd say, this is a great game for VR beginners, where you're not thrown into any motion sickness manoeuvres or having to aim and shoot at enemies. After a hard day's work, coming back home and playing with your little pet mouse seems all that worth it!


Gameplay: 10/10
It's a simple gameplay a great sense of adventure and puzzles.

Artstyle: 9/10
Simple Disney-like artstyle with charming characters.

Sound & Music: 9/10
Great music that calms you and excites you when it needs to.

Review by Protocosmos on Oculus Rift S
PC SteamVR