The most popular VR workout app is now more accessible than ever.
The latest Supernatural update, available now, includes a new one-controller mode.
All existing songs have been retrofit with the ability to use just one controller, meaning you won’t have to wait for new ones in order to use the new feature.

Fitness is one of the better reasons to get a VR headset like a Quest 2 but, if you’ve got certain accessibility needs, some games just aren’t easy (or possible) to play. To help players with limb differences or temporary injuries, Supernatural just made a new update available that lets players use just one controller during their workouts.

Supernatural is one of the best VR fitness games(opens in new tab) for many reasons, and this latest accessibility feature further builds on the available modes in the game. Supernatural already includes modifiers to use front-facing only mode and no squat mode which are particularly excellent for folks in wheelchairs or with other movement impairments and large floor platform, which can help folks who just need a bit more space to move around.

Best yet, all existing Supernatural workouts will work with the new one-controller feature and all other accessibility features. The game can intelligently adjust workouts to fit within the requested parameters, helping to avoid gaps or other awkward sequences during workouts. That means you won’t have to compromise the fidelity of your workouts if you need to adjust them for any reason.

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Android Central / Nicholas Sutrich