The latest generation of drone hardware and software, which will revolutionise professional operations all over the world, is unveiled at the opening of the annual AirWorks conference by DJI, the industry leader in civilian drones and aerial photography technology. AirWorks 2022 equips more than 600 drone industry professionals from 46 countries with the tools to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their day-to-day work, from the automated DJI Dock that can launch drones in remote locations to an agricultural drone that can spray more than 80 pounds of liquid.

Grant Hosticka, Head of Solution Engineering for DJI in North America, gave the keynote address at AirWorks. “DJI has pushed boundaries for 15 years to create the future of possible, and even as basic professional drone flights have become routine, we’re enabling more complex, automated, and powerful drone applications every day,” he said. “We are aware that DJI Dock is giving our partners and clients ideas on how a hardy and automated drone system might function in various fields. The sharpest and most seasoned drone experts get together at AirWorks to create tomorrow’s incredible solutions.

The DJI Dock, a programmable base station that enables a DJI M30 drone to do completely automated waypoint flights, will be on display at AirWorks for the first time ever. The Dock can shield the drone from the elements, get it ready for takeoff, receive it when it lands, download the data it collects, and recharge its battery—all while keeping an eye out for potential hazards above or below ground. DJI Dock will revolutionise professional operations by enabling crucial flights in remote places without the requirement for a person holding a drone controller on the scene, as regulators increasingly approve automated flights outside visual line of sight.

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