The Escape from Bunker VR game, created for the Meta Quest, is a distinctive, and interactive experience in which you search for intriguing hints based on a straightforward linear plot in order to solve puzzles and ultimately escape the area you’re in. This game’s Real Movement Mechanics, which makes use of your play space area in 6DOF, offers a special quality that sets it apart from others. 

If you’ve played *escape rooms previously, you are familiar with the fundamentals. To complete the job and leave the room is the objective. Before continuing into the actions, each mission is to complete each portion. Everything or anything you find might have a solution that will enable you to advance.

Despite the game’s brief length, it has superb gameplay, high-quality presentation, and well-acted voiced characters. The developer wanted for players of all ages to be able to enjoy this game and progress through it without losing any patience, thus the puzzles are simple to play and follow through. We can tell that you’ll use this opportunity to impress your family and friends by demonstrating what an escape room is like.

Since this is the developer’s first virtual reality game, it has definitely shown a lot of promise, and it only costs $4.99, they deserve our full support. We are definitely eager to learn more about Poly Builders’ future plans and upcoming games.

*History of Escape Room Concept
The first live escape room was built by the company SCRAP in Japan in 2007, with creator Takao Kato aiming to create a fully immersive game in which players had to solve a series of puzzles and riddles to escape from a locked room.

We may now enjoy a similar experience situation in the comfort of our own homes, thanks to VR technology.

Graphics : 9.0
We can anticipate some incredible graphics quality thanks to Unreal Engine.

Gameplay : 8.0
Although its brief, you will undoubtedly play it a few times and encourage your family and friends what a wonderful experience it is.

Sound : 8.0
The soundstage for the theme’s closed environment was great. The sound effects were portrayed nicely, and the character voices were clear and distinct.

Currently available on Meta Quest App Lab
Reviewed on a Meta Quest 2
Developer : Poly Builder