Meta is currently the most well-known name in virtual reality, largely due to the extremely successful Meta Quest 2. The Quest 2 still has a lot of power and costs less than half as much as the Valve Index, making it even more affordable when you consider that Meta’s standalone VR headgear doesn’t require a VR-ready PC to operate.

However, a relatively fresh rival is prepared to knock Meta down a few notches.

With its new Link headset, Pico declared that it would primarily target VR enthusiasts and gamers. In order to successfully launch its newest consumer VR product in Europe, Pico will directly engage a passionate community of VR aficionados. From this group, the firm will gather product feedback that it will use to steer the development of its platform and services. Users will take part in a beta programme and offer comments on it.

In addition to over 200 VR apps with Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) in the Pico Store, beta participants will have access to a sizable selection of VR-compatible games on SteamVR.

The analyst anticipates that Pico will simultaneously introduce the Pico 4 and Pico 4 Pro headphones in September. The latter supports eye-tracking, he claimed, which is the primary distinction. Both are supposed to have built-in pancake lenses that enable a more compact design and less weight.

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