Virtualspeech is integrating ChatGPT for VR training, while Microsoft integrates the tech into Azure

hatGPT is the latest trending tech topic, kicking off 2023 with an AI-powered chatbot which answers general-purpose questions and requests.

As innovative firms explore enterprise use cases for ChatGPT, Virtualspeech integrates ChatGPT systems into virtual reality (VR) business solutions.

Conversational AI systems are already emerging as integrated extended reality (XR) technology. For example, Meta is developing Project CAIRaoke self-learning and conversational AI network to assist with everyday routines. Meta is also integrating its four key AI platforms into Horizon-based Metaverse and immersive content creation services.

VirtualSpeech Integrate ChatGPT for VR Training

Following ChatGPT’s casual integration into business operations, the technology is now finding a home in VR enterprise-grade immersive services.

Virtualspeech is leading this AI revolution by integrating ChatGPT into its VR training platform.

The integration enables Virtualspeech to offer flexible and efficient AI-based upskilling services.

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